About Déja

Déja Beals has been writing poetry since 16 although her early days of writing started out rocky with incorrect grammar and rhyming schemes, her writing has developed and blossomed to include a range of topics such as love, faith and daily experiences. She finds her inspiration for her poetry in family, friends and the many experiences faced daily. She’s been published in a compilation of poems in a book titled “Poetic Journeys.” She has also been featured on poetry.com where her poems have been selected as Editor’s Choice. She has been asked to recite her poetry in various events such as banquets and places of worship. She is known for her silly moments to her family and friends, big laugh and even bigger heart. She has been said to have wisdom beyond her years and good insight with adds depth to her writing. She is currently living in Toronto, Canada.

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"Encouraging, uplifting and inspiring through well placed words"

- Déja Beals