A Word Fitly Spoken


A Word fitly Spoken is a collection of poems set to encourage, uplift and inspire you. It aims to give voice to thoughts, feelings, and perceptions in the midst of daily activities, situations and circumstances. Each poem is designed to paint a picture allowing the reader to relate to the words. A Word fitly Spoken speaks of life, matters of the heart, God’s love, speaking up when we have something to say, the soul, and having a purpose in life. This book of poetry can be taken anywhere - on the subway, bus, road trip or plane ride. It is ideal for quiet, reflective moments as you unwind or de-stress. If you are a newcomer to poetry or a long standing member you are sure to find a poem that will touch your heart and give you hope

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A Word fitly Spoken: Ebook

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"Encouraging, uplifting and inspiring through well placed words"

- Déja Beals